T shirts!

Is it T shirts, T-shirts, or tee shirts? Who knows/who cares. We've got them. Check out the merch tab for the softest blue T/T-/tee shirt you could ever dream up. That's Merle, the rural squirrel, smiling back at you, cheeks full of walnuts and joy. Thank you to Jennifer Allen for dreaming/drawing him up and to Ella Swart for laying out the shirt. (And to Laremy for the font.) We're hoping to add some more shirts--different colors, different cuts--soon, but get one of these while we still them!

Hard Rock Round 1

We had a blast at the Hard Rock Hotel Sioux City's Anthem playing on a big stage (Titus' drum stage was about the size of our usual habitat) under the fancy lights out of a professional sound system. And ... we won.

The two other bands (Vibe Rations--pronounced like war rations--and Port Nocturnal--whose lead singer was celebrating his 22 birthday) were great and it's sort of a bummer to have to compete in something like music, but we were happy to have success outside of our home court. (Of course, most of our home crowd showed up, which was AMAZING.) We'll be back for Round 2 on March 30th, playing a longer set and competing against just one other band. 

See you there?